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Shamanic Workshops

We hold Shamanic Workshops regularly:

Swinderby Village Hall in Lincolnshire.

Between 7 and 9pm at the Swinderby Village Hall 

This is a safe space for anyone seeking a warm friendly community of supportive people to come together with the intention of healing and building good mental and spiritual health while learning about the ancient belief system of Shamanism.

Participants are invited to bring their own frame drum if they have one but we have spare for anyone that needs one!

We have started going deeper into journey work, some find it more comfortable to lie down so feel free to bring a yoga mat, cushion and blanket as we journey to the different realms.

Book your space here

Confirmed dates for this year:

Swinderby Village Hall

July the 14th - The parasite the Ally and the Deeper Self

August the 11th -  Be impeccable with your word

September the 8th - Never make assumptions 

October the 13th - Introduction to shamanic journey + Shape shifting journey

November the 17th - Meet your lower world guide

December the 8th - Connect with and meet your power animal.

January 12th - Healing the ancestral line

February 9th - Healing the planet

March 8th - 

April 12th - 

May 10th - 

June 14th - 

Each workshop will follow the same format but will differ in theme each month:

The evening is roughly organised as follows:

  • Set up the central altar - the four directions.  Attendees are invited to bring things for the altar, pictures, crystals, sacred items or whatever they would like to add to the altar for the ceremony.

  • Settle in with a cup of sacred Cacao, this is a drink of hot chocolate made with real ceremonial cacao from Peru.  We make it vegan style because it's just nicer that way and more inclusive!

  • Call in the directions - we start ceremony by calling in the four directions.  This sacred part of the evening is where we call in our guides and helpers.

  • Drumming - we do some drumming to get into the mood, possibly some singing if we feel up to it!

  • Talk about the months theme - Each month we will cover a different topic which is carefully selected wisdom to help build good mental health and a happier life.

  • More drumming!

  • Guided meditation / Shamanic journey - a deep relaxing journey that can often result in powerful self insight or release stuck emotion.

  • Sharing space - we hold a non judgemental supportive space at all times where people can feel comfortable sharing and seeking advice on the things that are affecting them.

  • Release the directions - this is where we close the circle and thank our spirit guides for their help and wisdom.

Feel free to book here or contact me using the form below for more details!


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