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Shamanic Therapies

Shamanic therapies are based on the ancient healing and spiritual practices of indigenous peoples around the world. Shamanism is a way of connecting with nature, spirit and oneself through altered states of consciousness.

Shamanic therapy can be approached in a content free way.  This means there is often no need to talk about issues that are potentially very painful or which you feel you may not want to discuss with your therapist.  Effective and lasting progress is rapidly achieved by working with the subconscious mind, without having to go through the traumatic experience that has had a lasting effect in your life.

Shamanic therapies work by accessing the spiritual realms that exist beyond ordinary reality, such as the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds. These realms are inhabited by various spirits, such as animal guides, ancestors, angels and deities. A shamanic practitioner can journey to these realms using techniques such as drumming, rattling or chanting, and communicate with these spirits to seek guidance, healing or wisdom for themselves or their clients.

Shamanic therapies can be useful for a variety of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues, such as:

  • Restoring power and vitality

  • Healing trauma and soul loss

  • Clearing negative energies and attachments

  • Balancing chakras and energy fields

  • Finding one’s purpose and direction

  • Enhancing creativity and intuition

  • Developing personal and spiritual growth

  • And many more

Shamanic therapies are not intended to replace conventional medicine or therapy, but to complement them by addressing the spiritual aspects of health and well-being. Shamanic therapies are not usually available on the NHS, but you can find a qualified and registered practitioner through organisations such as The College of Sound Healing or The Sacred Trust1. The cost and duration of therapy may vary depending on your needs and preferences. Shamanic therapies are an ancient yet relevant way of reconnecting with your true self and your natural environment.

Examples Of Shamanic Services Provided

Some of the most common shamanic healing practices are:

  • Shamanic journeying: A technique of entering a trance state and travelling to the spiritual realms to communicate with spirits and receive guidance or healing .

  • Power animal retrieval: A process of finding and reconnecting with one’s animal spirit guide, who can provide protection, support and wisdom.

  • Soul retrieval: A method of retrieving and integrating lost parts of one’s soul that may have been fragmented due to trauma or stress .

  • Extraction: A technique of removing unwanted or harmful energies or entities from one’s body or energy field .

  • Psychopomp: A service of helping the souls of the deceased to cross over to the afterlife.

  • Ancestral healing: A practice of honouring and healing one’s ancestral lineage and resolving any inherited patterns or issues.

  • Divination: A skill of using various tools or methods, such as runes, tarot cards or pendulums, to access spiritual information or insight .

  • Sound healing: A modality of using sound vibrations, such as drums, rattles, singing bowls or voice, to create harmony and balance in one’s body and mind.

  • House clearance: A shamanic energy clearing technique that uses sacred herbs, barks or resins to burn and alter the energy of any given environment. This technique is based on the shamanic worldview that we are surrounded by spirits, both negative and positive, and that we can clear our spaces of any negative charges by smudging them with sacred smoke.

  • Drumming Circle: Shamanic drumming circles are held by experienced shamanic practitioners who guide the participants through the process and create a safe and sacred space for everyone.

  • Fire Ceremonies: A shamanic fire ceremony is a powerful shamanic practice used to release unwanted energies and attachments from the past and make space for new intentions. A shamanic fire ceremony can be done alone or with a group of like-minded people. It can be done at any time you need to shift your energy, but it is especially powerful during times of transition, such as solstices, equinoxes or new moons.

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