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Hypnotherapy and the logical mind.

Hypnotherapy is a technique that can help clients re-frame their outlook on life and issues leading to positive shifts that can be life-changing. Our minds work like computers, with our thinking minds making decisions, forming opinions and making judgements, while our subconscious mind orders our thoughts ready to commit the more important ones to memory. When we form memories, we also attach feelings to them. These memories and feelings helps us subconsciously navigate future events. It’s important to remember that our minds are built to protect us from life’s dangers. For example, when a tribe of men encountered a saber-tooth tiger for the first time, they hunted it. Unfortunately, they underestimated the tiger’s ability and it killed one of the men and gravely injured another. Those men will remember the trauma of that event going forward, and when they see or hear another big toothed tiger, the memories will trigger a fight or flight response, and the hunter will act accordingly, hopefully saving his life. In modern times, thankfully, we don’t have to deal with saber-tooth tigers, but we still have traumatic, frightening, and abusive things that happen to us. The way we process these things remains largely the same as it has done for millions of years. For example, when a young child witnesses a traumatic event such as a school shooting, they may associate all sorts of things with that traumatic event that trigger a response, years and even decades after the event. That might be the sound of a gunshot, the smell of canteen food, the sound of kids playing, or anything that the mind logged at the time of the traumatic event. Our minds do this to protect us, making associations with the traumatic event to protect us from danger in the future. However, this can lead to unhelpful responses and behaviors that hold us back from growth and can even cause severe issues.

Hypnotherapy is a technique that can help clients access their subconscious mind and re-frame their outlook on life, specific events and issues. Done correctly by a qualified professional nearly always leads to positive shifts that can be life-changing. For example, if you have a phobia of moths, hypnotherapy can help you overcome this fear. During a hypnotherapy session, you will be taken into a relaxed state and brought back to the time when you first experienced the fear. You will then work to reframe the events in a way that feels unthreatening, undoing the requirement to react in a fight or flight response as the threat of the situation is removed. In hypnotherapy there is also a process known as future pacing, where you are taken to the future where you find yourself in the presence of a moth and it no longer bothers you, you are calm and interested in its beauty. By using the right approach and a skilled technique such as hypnotherapy, we can rapidly re-program our brains so that the response we have to certain stimuli happens the way we desire. In this case just one hypnotherapy and one EMT (Eye Movement Therapy) session was enough to cure the client (me!) of his phobia of moths!

As a clinical hypnotherapist I have seen this rapid transformation take place for many clients with many different issues.

I have also found that no two clients are the same, each client has an individual reason for their issues and by using a non scripted approach I am able to work with the clients specific needs, this helps to get directly to the cause of the issue and resolution.

We can even use hypnotherapy to explore our own minds, sometimes clients realise they are depressed but cannot quite figure out how or why they feel this way. With hypnotherapy the client can explore the subconscious parts of their mind which can uncover things that are deeply rooted and suppressed.

Once we have identified our shadows, or our patterns of behaviour, our domestications and our attachments we can begin to work towards reframing and integrating them into our lives in a way that helps us to reach our goals rather than hindering them. This is very powerful because the mechanisms that the mind uses to protect us can be effectively re-directed to help improve another aspect of our lives.

If you would like to have a chat about how hypnotherapy might be useful to you get in touch and we can arrange a consultation and get you on the right path.

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