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Clinical Hypnotherapy

This last weekend has been one to remember! I qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and I am excited to now be adding Clinical Hypnotherapy to my core set of skills that I can use to aid people on their quest for a better life!

Over the last 12 months I have been learning all the skills and more; gaining the experience necessary to become a confident hypnotherapist with Debbie Ison from Tranquil Awakenings.

Debbie is an exceptional trainer and has really put a lot of effort into the course to ensure that we learn how to work confidently and directly with our clients. A practical approach rather than a script based approach has empowered my skills so I am able to quickly adapt to my clients needs at the exact time they need it the most.

Over the last year I have also learned a comprehensive set of complimentary tools that I can share with you to fortify the work we do, I can teach you techniques you can use yourself which are extremely effective.

What is Hypnotherapy

A hypnotherapist works with a client to help them overcome mental health and even physical issues. The hypnotherapist induces a deep state of relaxation or hypnosis that enables the therapist and client to directly communicate with the subconscious mind. In this state we are able to make rapid shifts and changes in the way we process our thoughts and emotions.

Hypnotherapy can be very fast acting, an almost life long fear of moths (Lepidopterophobia) can be completely overcome in just one single session, I know this is true because it was me a few months ago but now I can handle moths without any panic or flinch reaction.

Not every issue can be addressed in just one session, as a therapist I will advise on how many sessions I think it is likely to take before we start so that you have a good idea on what to expect.

Hypnotherapy is a great way to address the following:

  • Confidence - Whether preparing for an exam, interview or performance hypnotherapy can give you the stability and clarity you know is possible and has been successfully used by elite athletes to give them that extra edge.

  • Weight loss - The reason we over eat can be different from person to person and could be the result of childhood conditioning. Hypnotherapy can uncover the core reasons for the behaviours we experience now and is highly effective at changing behaviour patterns that no longer serve us in a positive way.

  • Phobias - Spiders, Moths, Dogs - if you have a phobia that affects your life in a negative way hypnotherapy is a game changer!

  • Pain management - it has been proven that patients can undergo an operation under hypnosis without the usual anaesthetic. This approach can also be used to treat long term pain, giving the client the ability to turn down or switch off chronic pain without the need for addictive drugs that are bad for the body.

  • Trauma and PTSD - Many people live with truly debilitating PTSD, complex or childhood trauma. Clinical Hypnotherapy can bring rapid shifts and empower the client to live a healthy life where they are in complete control of their own mental health and able to overcome what may seem to be a life long condition.

  • Stress - The demands of modern life have never been so big, adopting healthy techniques to manage stress before it progresses to something even worse is vital to strong mental health. Hypnotherapy can help the mind manage a healthy approach to the demands of modern society.

  • Anxiety - I have suffered from acute Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and have had hypnotherapy for that condition. Lately I have been able to do more than ever while comfortably managing my anxiety to a level that I would describe as normal. I have even started a Shamanic Workshop that I host, something I would have very much struggled with or avoided doing so I can hand on heart say that there is a way to overcome crippling anxiety - through hypnotherapy!

  • Smoking and substance abuse - If you really want to quit something, hypnotherapy can give you the edge you need to make the breakthrough you are capable of, but you really have to want to quit for it to work!

  • Mood disorders - Feeling flat or low, lacking in motivation or feeling depressed? Clinical hypnotherapy can uncover the reasons why and working through these issues can lead to breakthroughs you may not have thought possible!

The list of things that can be treated with hypnotherapy is much longer than I can fit on one blog, if any of that resonates with you or you have any questions about what hypnotherapy can offer you then you are welcome to get in touch and we can arrange a no cost, no obligation consultation after which you can decide if it is right for you and book a treatment.

Please contact me for more information or to book a no cost initial consultation

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